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This article was published on: 07/01/2003
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Battling the Bubble Mentality
Hard-pressed stockbrokers and analysts aren't taking the growing movement from equities into real estate lying down. One technique now being used by the stock market warriors is to frighten people away from real estate investing by warning them about the imminent bursting of a real estate "value bubble."

This quote from a news release issued by the Zero Alpha Group, a network of investment advisory companies offers just one example:

"Many investors now contemplating a jump from stocks to a heavy investment in real estate will likely suffer major losses as a result of a lack of equity diversification and the fact that they bought in at the height of the late 1990s market. For these investors, the double-whammy of the 'money pit syndrome' would result if they were to suffer even deeper losses by buying into the top of a real estate 'bubble' prior to it bursting."

Most knowledgeable real estate analysts agree that no artificial price inflation exists in most markets.

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